Why Hire Legal Nurse Consultants USA?

• We close the gap between the medical and judicial systems
• We analyze mountains of medical information to research and resolve cases
• We educate attorneys and paralegals on medical facts, practices, and relevant issues
• We interpret medical records, hospital policies, and documents to arbitrate the case
• We assemble witnesses and evidence lists for trial
• We assist attorneys to develop case strategies
• We appraise and assess possible breach of duty of healthcare practitioners

What Is The Value Of Engaging Legal Nurse Consultants USA?

Legal Nurse Consultants USA may be engaged full or part-time, and provide services to attorneys and organizations in need of medical records review, interpretation, and analysis. We can represent both plaintiff and defendant, locate testifying experts, and act as expert witnesses. Don't risk missing crucial evidence buried in the medical records.

Who Oversees The Process?

Georgina Tyburski is a registered nurse and legal nurse consultant with nearly three decades of professional nursing education and experience in a wide array of medical specialties. Whether interviewing patients, medical staff, or expert witnesses, she employs her extensive medical experience and legal nurse consultant education to filter volumes of information while building a case. Georgina is the initial contact RN for our attorney clients, and she determines which nursing team will ultimately handle a new case while personally vetting potential medical experts.

What Makes Us Different?

New cases are directed to a healthcare professional who is actively practicing in that area of specialty, which means those nurses are informed by the most recent healthcare trends and standards, enabling them to provide timely and pertinent opinions to help move client cases forward. Their experience will save both attorney and client valuable time, money, and resources. Call today and let us show you how the team at Legal Nurse Consultants USA can streamline your caseload.