Even More Major Medical Technology Hazards In 2018

Category: Medical Malpractice     Author: Georgina Tyburski     Posted: Friday - April 15, 2022

During our last post, we went over the main medical technology hazards that can lead to medical malpractice in 2018. This post continues that discussion by highlight additional hazards that the ERCI Institute has identified as the major emerging threats in its annually-published list.

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Missed Alarm Notifications

Alarm notification systems have been increasingly used by healthcare organizations and professionals. These systems can send important healthcare information to the appropriate doctors and tighten communication between organizations, but no system is without its flaws. When systems fail to deliver the required information or when a healthcare professional misses alarm notifications, this could lead to delayed treatment or harm to a patient who might be dealing with a time-sensitive issue.

Device Failure Due to Improper Cleaning

High-tech medical devices are complex and rely on a variety of sensitive components that require specialized cleaning techniques and chemicals. Neglecting to clean a medical device appropriately can lead to damaged components and equipment failure. Staff needs to be adequately trained in the cleaning and maintaining of all medical devices to avoid potential harm to patients.

Excess Radiation Exposure

Patients who are frequently shuttled between different clinics and subjected to procedures such as those involving digital imaging tools can face a variety of serious risks. Overexposure to radiation can lead to burns and the development of cancer. As the arsenal of tools in the medical industry grows, healthcare professionals need to be trained in their application and all aspects of the risks they carry, including those that involve radiation.

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