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If You Don’t Know What D-Dimer Is–You Should!

 Posted: March 20, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

D-Dimer is a quick, non-invasive blood test that measures substance released as a blood clot breaks up.

It is ordered by a physician along with other blood tests, and imaging scans to help rule out the presence of thrombus, abnormal or excess clotting. Frequently seen ordered if MD suspects DVT/PE or somethi...

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Capnography – So Easy And Effective

 Posted: March 27, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Capnography can detect early phases of respiratory depression which can allow more precise and safe use of medications. Monitoring of exhaled carbon dioxide should be considered for all patients receiving medications that will potentially experience decreased respiratory rates.
The comparison between capnography and pulse o...

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Experts Make Or Break Your Case

 Posted: April 3, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

The client arrives to your office carrying over 1000 pages of medical records. They are emotional related to the recent loss of their loved one. He was young, the sole bread winner, the strength and back bone of this family. He was quickly taken from their family due to what appears to be a significant MEDICAL ERROR. In order to c...

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Rapid Response Teams

 Posted: October 16, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

The formation of rapid response teams (RRT’s) at hospital was founded on the concept of failure to rescue. Failure to rescue refers to health care providers lacking to recognize early signs and symptoms of deterioration in a patient’s condition, or acting too late to prevent a cardiac arrest.

What is a rapid...

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Legal Nurse Roles & Medical Malpractice Cases

 Posted: November 27, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

The job market for certified legal nurse consultants continues to prosper with opportunities as the number of attorneys grows. Legal nurse consultants are relied upon to provide their expertise on various cases involving matters such as medical malpractice, injuries sustained in automobile accidents, and othe...

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6 Reasons Why A Medical Malpractice Attorney Needs A LNC

 Posted: December 4, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

When you hire an LNC, you are hiring someone who helps bridge the gap between legal experts and the medical world. It is crucial for an attorney to fully understand the medical elements of a case and be prepared with all the relevant facts. Below are 6 ways in which legal nurse consultants help attorneys on a...

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Why Medical Malpractice Attorneys Rely On Legal Nurse Consultants

 Posted: December 11, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

As you can imagine, we spend a lot of time talking to attorneys. Over the years, we’ve connected with attorneys who practice in areas such as medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, and more, many who rely on the expertise of legal nurse consultants.


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How LNCs Collaborate With Paralegals And Attorneys

 Posted: December 18, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

There are many ways in which legal nurse consultants use their knowledge and skills to collaborate with paralegals and attorneys. As actively registered nurses, legal nurse consultants rely on their expertise to work closely with litigation teams via the analysis of cases and preparation of doc...

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Where Do Legal Nurse Consultants Work?

 Posted: December 25, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Over the years, legal nurse consultants have proven themselves as valuable allies to attorneys and other legal professionals everywhere, and many continue to rely on their medical and legal expertise when navigating the legal arena. They help attorneys interpret medical data and charts, as well...

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Four Things That Legal Nurse Consultants Excel At

 Posted: January 1, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

As someone who helps bridge gaps for attorneys dealing with personal injury, malpractice, and other complicated legal matters, legal nurse consultants have a robust and diverse set of skills. We’ve spent time talking about how legal nurse consultants help attorneys, as well as where they actually work, but what are the concrete sk...

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Legal Nurse Consultants Help You Recognize And Identify Medical Errors

 Posted: January 8, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Medical errors are defined as an adverse effect caused by care, and can include an inaccurate diagnosis or incorrect treatment to an injury, disease, or any other ailment. And while medical professionals are human and cannot be expected to always deliver perfect, 100% accurate diagnosis and treatment, medical errors are actually m...

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Legal Nurse Consultants And Toxic Tort

 Posted: January 15, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

As qualified medical professionals, legal nurse consultants often play an important role in legal matters involving toxic tort. Their expertise and knowledge of medicine allows them to offer expert testimony and influence the outcome of a case.

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Toxic Tort And The Workplace

 Posted: January 22, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

There are various hazards and dangers that employees are exposed to in many workplaces, but very few are as catastrophic as exposure to toxic or dangerous substances, such as chemical and environmental agents. Exposure to these types of hazardous materials can often lead to long-term health consequences, personal injury, and wrong...

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How A Legal Nurse Consultant Brings Weight To Your Toxic Tort Case

 Posted: January 29, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

As we previously discussed, toxic tort refers to legal disputes that arise from exposure to toxic substances, such as pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, dangerous workplace chemicals, and more. Toxic tort claims are usually brought forward by victims of these injuries, or by parties that represent them.

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Nursing Home Negligence: How LNC’s Can Help Protect Your Loved Ones

 Posted: February 5, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

The elderly are a particularly vulnerable population, and the trust that individuals place in nursing home management and staff to care for their loved ones is something that should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, reports of elder abuse in nursing homes are not uncommon, and many investigative efforts during the last few year...

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Hernia Mesh Complications And Recalls: What You Need To Know

 Posted: February 12, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Hernia mesh, patches, and plugs are medical devices used to treat hernias, a medical condition where organs bulge out of weakened muscles. Hernias are usually only treated via surgery, but this type of complication can rip out and recur, which is why hernia mesh has been increasingly used to reinforce weaker tissue, and is now uti...

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Traumatic Brain Injury: Why You Need A Medical Expert On Your Side

 Posted: February 19, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Traumatic brain injuries are a particularly catastrophic type of physical injury, as the immediate and long-term health implications can be devastating. Not only that, but medical costs for long-term treatment are oppressively high, often involving long-term monitoring by a variety of different specialists.

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Life Care Planners In The Legal Arena

 Posted: February 26, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Life care planners are medical professionals who help establish a long-term plan for patients who have suffered a catastrophic injury, have a chronic disease, or are dealing with any other type of long term disability. This involves many factors, which makes the job of life care planners a multifaceted one that hones their analyti...

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Key Things To Know About Medicare Set Asides

 Posted: March 4, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

In personal injury cases where there is a third party responsible for the accident, Medicare adopts the position of secondary payer. This means that Medicare has a vested interest in the expenses incurred by the injured party, both present and future costs. A Medicare Set Aside arrangement is one such mechanism which Medicare reli...

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Life Care Planners And The Services They Provide

 Posted: March 11, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Earlier, we spent some time discussing the important role that life care planners fill in cases where catastrophic injury took place, covering topics such as the manner in which they collaborate with attorneys in the legal arena, and their expertise regarding Medicare Set Asides. However, the extent of their work spans a larger sc...

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Medical Chronologies In Medical Malpractice Cases

 Posted: March 18, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

When it comes to medical malpractice cases, just like other personal injury cases, the burden of proof lies on the plaintiff. This can be difficult for many, as medical malpractice cases often involve complex medical issues. The fact of the matter is, most people cannot be reasonably expected to wield the robust type of medical ex...

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Nursing Home Facilities Shrug Off Fines, Fail To Improve Patient Care

 Posted: March 25, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Many people trust the care of their loved ones to nursing home facilities without giving it much thought. After all, there are safety standards and regulations that they need to follow, right? Well, it might come as a nasty shock for many to learn that while there are certainly standards and laws in place for nursing home faciliti...

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Medical Malpractice: Exploring Common Errors And Oversights

 Posted: April 1, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Broadly speaking, medical malpractice is defined as act (or an omission) by a doctor or medical professional which results in or causes injury to a patient. While most people trust the medical professionals around them, the alarming truth is that medical malpractice is not an uncommon occurrence. In this post, we’ve decided to exp...

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How Medical Professionals Help Identify Abuse In Nursing Homes

 Posted: March 22, 2019    Author: Georgina Tyburski

While there are no exact statistics for instances of elder abuse in nursing homes, many medical professionals have estimated that about 1 in 10 nursing home residents experience abuse. Even more troublesome, anonymous surveys and interviews with staff members and assistants paint a worse picture: over 30 percent of staff reported ...

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