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Know Warning Signs Of A Stroke

 Posted: July 31, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

From greenvilleonline.com

Heart disease is the No. 2 killer in South Carolina. Strokes are the No. 4 killer. The state’s high rankings in those categories has placed it part of an 11-state region known as the Stroke Belt.

Those are alarming rankings, but there is another stati...

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Therapeutic Hypothermia Treatment Following Cardiac Arrest

 Posted: October 2, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

19 year old male found unresponsive on the basketball court. EMS called, cardiac resuscitation initiated by his friends and resumed by emergency medical professionals upon arrival.  He was taken to the local hospital where he lay comatose, intubated and sedated with occasional purposeful movement noted. The emergency room work up ...

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