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Stuck In The Womb: Shoulder Dystocia Management

 Posted: April 10, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

A potentially devastating complication of a routine vaginal delivery occurs with a shoulder dystocia. The shoulder dystocia happens when a mother delivers the baby’s head, but the shoulders remain stuck behind her pubic bone causing a delay or inability to deliver the rest of the body. Occurring in only 0.2 -3.0% of all live birth...

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Advanced Practices In Simulation–You Bought The Manikin, Now What?

 Posted: April 17, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

On Thursday, March 26th, 2015 in Greensboro, North Carolina, Karla an OB/NICU Nurse Expert in the Legal Nurse Consultants USA gave a demonstration of the features of Lucina a high fidelity simulation manikin. Hospitals and institutions advanced practices in simulation to teach their staff in specific areas of nursing on life-like ...

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If Wounds Could Talk

 Posted: April 24, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

If a patient’s wound could talk in today’s health care arena… to whom would they speak? Obviously the daily responsibility for wound management is most likely undertaken by nurses … so this is where the one on one conversation begins.

To illustrate this point please be considerate of the following scenario:<...

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First Things First–Find Help!

 Posted: May 1, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

We don't mean to intrude, but want you to know...we’ve revamped our website to introduce you to all that Legal Nurse Consultants USA has to offer.

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Protecting The Kidneys When Receiving Vancomycin

 Posted: May 8, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Kidneys serve the body as a natural filter of the blood and remove water soluble wastes which are directed to the bladder. They play a very essential regulatory role in the urinary system and also serve homeostatic functions such as regulation of electrolytes, maintenance of acid-base, and regulation of blood pressure.

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FAQ: What Is A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

 Posted: October 23, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

A legal nurse consultant helps bridge the gaps for lawyers in medical malpractice and personal injury matters. While the lawyer is an expert on legal issues, the LNC is an expert on how the health care system operates using certain procedures. In fact, you've probably witnessed a legal nurse consultant at work (albeit, on television) withou...

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3 Crucial Times To Seek The Help Of A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

 Posted: October 30, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Attorneys assume an extensive list of responsibilities upon accepting a case, and researching specific components of the law is chief among them. However, it can be quite difficult -- if not impossible -- to gain a full understanding of complex medical issues that play a central role in your client's case.

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The Certified Legal Nurse Consultant: Arguably The Most Influential Member Of Your Legal Team

 Posted: November 6, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Certified legal nurse consultants apply their medical knowledge to legal cases regarding malpractice or other medical legal claims. Legal nurse consulting requires critical analysis of medical literature, health records, and relevant legal documents pertinent to the resolution of these cases. Consultants serve as researchers, educators, analysts...

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How To Become A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

 Posted: November 13, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Certified legal nurse consultants are registered nurses who also provide services as legal medical experts and liaisons between attorneys and medical sources. These nursing expert witnesses provide insight into medical issues in order to assist in legal matters.

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Getting Back To Basics: Here’s Why You Need To Have A Legal Nurse Consultant On Your Team

 Posted: November 20, 2015    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Although the fields of law and medicine coincide more often than you may think, they're definitely not one and the same. While extensive research is part of the job, it's difficult for any lawyer to understand all of the intricacies involved in medical practices and procedures. It's for this reason that legal nurse consultants are...

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Solving The Mystery Of The Vape Lung Disease Epidemic

 Posted: March 8, 2019    Author: Georgina Tyburski

With over 1200 cases across the nation, the CDC agrees: the vape lung diseases and disorders affecting vape users is an epidemic. To date, 26 vape users have died from these complications, and over a thousand have been hospitalized.

What’s especially alarming is that the mystery behind vape lung diseases and...

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Dysphagia And Nursing Home Residents

 Posted: March 29, 2019    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Dysphagia is the medical term used to describe any difficulties with swallowing. The condition can affect anyone, particularly older individuals. Dysphagia can manifest itself in many different ways. Some people only have trouble swallowing certain types of foods or liquids, while others have trouble with any type of food or bever...

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An Overview Of COVID-19

 Posted: April 5, 2019    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Over the last few months, the coronavirus epidemic and subsequent shutdown has drastically changed the lives of many not just in the U.S., but across the entire world. At the time this was written, there were nearly 3 million confirmed cases across all countries, and over 900,00 cases in the U.S.

Today, we w...

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Thank You To All Healthcare Professionals & Workers On The Front Lines

 Posted: May 3, 2019    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Today, we want to dedicate this post to thanking all essential workers and everyone else who is placing themselves on the front lines against COVID-19. We’re tremendously grateful for people such as healthcare professionals, first responders, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, auto mechanics, and many more who are working to...

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Injuries In The Workplace: A Review Of Common Safety Violations

 Posted: July 2, 2021    Author: Georgina Tyburski

While workplace safety has continued to improve over the last few decades, many workers are still exposed to the risk of injury or even death on a regular basis. Naturally, some jobs such as those in construction, logging, and fishing carry much higher risks than others. However, even low-risk jobs can become hazardous affairs due to negligence ...

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Personal Injury Case Study #1

 Posted: August 6, 2021    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Patient Status: Bailey Allen is a 30 year old female who is married and works as a CNA. She reports smoking marijuana/cannabis daily and drinking alcohol occasionally. Mrs. Allen has a past medical history of hypertension, anxiety, and eczema. Her past surgical history is a tonsillectomy. 

Accident Details: ...

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Hidden Or Missed Car Accident Injuries

 Posted: September 3, 2021    Author: Georgina Tyburski

There are over 6 million car accidents every year in the U. S., and nearly half of these lead to injury, disability or death. The nature of car accidents means that victims can be exposed to serious injuries with heavy physical and financial consequences. In addition to ...

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The Importance Of Early Identification Of Sepsis

 Posted: November 5, 2021    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Infections are a common medical ailment. Infections can be a complication of a healing wound, a surgical site, or secondary to an invasive procedure. Infections may also develop from common illnesses such as a urinary tract infections or community acquired pneumonia. When someone develops an infection that is localized, this is of...

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Preventable Surgical Complications: Retained Surgical Items

 Posted: December 3, 2021    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Surgeries of all types have a risk for complications. Routine complications can include things such as the body’s refusal of an implanted device, delayed healing, bleeding, wound dehiscence (opening up) or infection. Other complications can be preventable and are indicative of malpractice. One of the most common types of surgical complications t...

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COVID-19 Pandemic And Depression

 Posted: January 7, 2022    Author: Georgina Tyburski

In 2019, the world was introduced to a new virus known as Sars-COV2 and more commonly COVID-19 creating a deadly world-wide pandemic. By early 2020, the majority of the world was sent into lockdown as an extreme measure to prevent the spread of the virus. Now, there are still many things that we do not know about the COVID-19 viru...

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When To Check The RT Notes

 Posted: July 8, 2022    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Respiratory therapists (RTs) are healthcare workers who specialize in respiratory system dysfunction. Because part of their job is managing ventilators, RTs typically work in step-down or critical care units. There are many health conditions which, if seen in medical records, should prompt the attorney or legal nurse to pay specia...

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Why Do Nurses Become Legal Nurse Consultants?

 Posted: July 15, 2022    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Legal nurse consulting is one of the newest yet fastest-growing nursing specialties. In the 1980s, nurse expert witnesses were increasingly called into the courtroom as medical malpractice litigation rose throughout the United States. Attorneys discovered that these nurses were incredibly helpful when reviewing voluminous amounts ...

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