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Power Morcellator Lawsuit Filed By Southern Med Law Alleges Wife’s Death Resulted From Cancer Spread Via Uterine Morcellation

 Posted: May 22, 2015    Author: Bill Hobbs

From Benzinga.com

"According To The Power Morcellator Lawsuit, Filed By Southern Med Law, Decedent Had No Evidence Of Disseminated Or Metastatic Cancer Prior To Undergoing A Hysterectomy In March 2012 Which Involved The Use Of A Power Morcellator"


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Major Medical Technology Hazards In 2018

 Posted: April 8, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

While medical technology advancements can offer new ways to increase length and quality of life for patients, novel approaches come with their own set of risks. When improperly used or inadequately implemented, new technologies can foster conditions that lead to medical malpractice

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Even More Major Medical Technology Hazards In 2018

 Posted: April 15, 2022    Author: Georgina Tyburski

During our last post, we went over the main medical technology hazards that can lead to medical malpractice in 2018. This post continues that discussion by highlight additional hazards that the ERCI Institute has identified as the major emerging threats in its annually-published list.

Remember that if you ne...

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Falsifying Medical Records

 Posted: April 22, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Medical records may be modified for a number of reasons that are not intentionally meant to be or appear to be falsifying information. For example, clerical errors can cause wrong information to be entered into a patient’s medical record that needs to be modified, such as a nurse charting on an incorrect patient. These entries are...

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 Posted: April 29, 2016    Author: Georgina Tyburski

One of the largest case settlements of all time was $15 million to a New York woman for a missed diagnoses of breast cancer requiring a mastectomy, radiation treatments and chemotherapy over a year after original discovery of a breast lump (HMI Team, 2019). This may seem to be an unusual occurrence but how common is a cancer diagnosis missed?

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The Opioid Epidemic And Medical Malpractice Suits

 Posted: January 4, 2019    Author: Georgina Tyburski

The opioid crisis in the U. S. continues to ravage the nation, and it shows no signs of slowing down. According to the CDC, the opioid crisis carries an economic burden of over $70 billion on an annual basis, and about 90 Americans die of an opioid overdose each day. 

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Neglect And Bedsores: How Understaffing Can Hurt Your Loved Ones

 Posted: January 11, 2019    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Understaffing is a significant problem in many nursing homes and other extended care facilities, particularly those that are trying to squeeze every last penny and maximize profits. Unfortunately, residents are the ones who usually pay the price, as understaffing has been shown to be the biggest cause behind neglect and abuse.

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How Poor Nursing Home Practices Lead To High Infection Rates

 Posted: January 18, 2019    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Year after year, countless people rely on nursing homes to provide a high level of care for their elderly loved ones. Unfortunately, as we’ve explored in earlier posts, many nursing homes often fall short of these expectations. Worse yet, they frequently place their residents at risk of injury or illness. This month, we’re explori...

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Sanitation Issues Pose A Serious Threat To Nursing Home Residents

 Posted: January 25, 2019    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Every year, millions of Americans trust nursing homes to provide a high level of care and clean facilities for their elderly loved ones. This is critical for this vulnerable population, as older adults are especially susceptible to catching an infection and getting sick. An illness on top of any pre-existing medical condition can ...

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The Top Three Causes Of Medical Malpractice Claims In The U. S.

 Posted: February 1, 2019    Author: Georgina Tyburski

While the figure varies annually, there are an average of over 80,000 medical malpractice suits filed every year, and trends show that this number is on the rise. These numbers are alarming, especially because estimates place the number of medical injuries at around one million per year.

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An Overview Of Caregiver Abuse In Nursing Homes

 Posted: February 8, 2019    Author: Georgina Tyburski

There is never any excuse for elder abuse, whether at the hands of family members, unpaid caregivers, or professional nursing home staff.  However, understanding the reasons behind these abusive behaviors is important, as it can allow family members to spot the signs and intervene if needed. 

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Robotic Surgical Systems Carry Unexpected Risks Of Injury And Death

 Posted: February 15, 2019    Author: Georgina Tyburski

Robotic surgical procedures have revolutionized the operating room, and nearly 700,000 surgeries are assisted by a robotic system on a yearly basis. This technology has its advantages, as it can help minimize the stress or fatigue that surgeons endure on a daily basis.

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Altered Records And Medical Malpractice

 Posted: February 22, 2019    Author: Georgina Tyburski

In the U. S., doctors have the ability and obligation to maintain and edit medical records as needed. But what about alterations or omissions that are done to cover up a medical mistake or protect a medical professional from liability? 

Complete and accurate medical records are a critical part of healthcare ...

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Governments Take Legal Action Against Opioid Distributors And Manufacturers

 Posted: March 1, 2019    Author: Georgina Tyburski

The opioid epidemic is a growing problem that has spread across the entire country. To date, over 30,000 Americans die every year as a result of opioid drug overdose. Furthermore, the monetary toll that the opioid epidemic takes on public services and government agencies is staggering. 

All of this is compou...

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